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Welcome on board

Welcome to the website of the Bed & Breakfast ‘Le Songe’. For years we have lived happily on our cargo ship ‘Le Songe’ in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam. Our family consists of Peter, Marjon and our daughter Ronja.


About our ship ‘Le Songe’

In 2008 we bought our ship as a cargo ship from a captain who still used the ship professionally. The ship was built in 1961 on the shipyard 'The Winter' in Boom near Antwerp in Belgium. It travelled under the name ‘Transvaal’ and transported cargo through Europe on the Rhine from Basel to Rotterdam and in France to Le Havre and Marseille. The cargo consisted mainly of barley and hop for breweries, but "Le Songe" also transported other goods such as steel. With help from our family we gave this cargo ship a second life, and we transformed it into a drivable home. We have spent 2 years building, and in that time we lived in the place where the captain used to live, the same place where we now have the Bed & Breakfast since 2012.


Living "on the water"

Living on the water is very special; the water is all around you, The light in the ship is different all the time, water birds that visit our boat frequently and hearing the wind and the rain when it storms .

It gives a feeling of freedom to live on the water, to swim around the ship in the summer and to be able to travel with your home.

Every five years we go to a shipyard with our ship for maintenance. The ship has to be lifted out of the water so that it can be cleaned, painted and checked on safety. Apart from that we work on a maintenance project every year to improve our ship.

We try to be good for the environment as well. We have a special heating system called a heat pump, which filters warmth out of the water around us and uses it as heating for our ship. For the same purpose we have a solar water heater and for our energy we use solar panels. We have great interest in clean energy to lower our energy usage.

Our family

Marjon gives lessons in dramatic arts on three different schools and practices Zhineng Qigong; an efficient Chinese movement to stay healthy and fit.

Ronja started studying visual art for game design last summer and is skilled at drawing.

Peter is a naval architect, he designs yachts, ships and boats.

He also participates on special projects such as Plastic Whale. This project was started to get all the plastic waste out of the canals and harbours of Amsterdam. The plastic they managed to get out of the water was used to build a boat entirely out of waste plastic.

If you are interested in Peter’s work, you can visit his website: www.bosgraafyachtdesign.com

As a family we love traveling. On every trip we visit cultural sites and do sportive activities that the country has to offer. We like the combination nature and culture and we always try to get the feeling of the country in our traveling scheme. Apart from that we are not that big on planning, time and space to do something else is always appreciated in our family. You can’t call us party-goers, but you can say that we enjoy life. We like to read and we like to explore and investigate the world around us.